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April 03 2015

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Empty Void Filler

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have you seen this lars? this is the cutest lars ive ever seen in my life 

(dont tag w/ #trash or anything like that) 

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Human screentime of Disney PoC characters in 3 of the last 6 PoC-lead WDAS films

*sips her tea*

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Okay but imagine:
Persephone making a flower crown for Hades and it’s his favorite thing ever and he wears it all the time and nobody would ever say anything bad about it because a.) are u really gonna insult the God of the underworld and b.) everyone in the underworld loves Perse she’s like the den mother of hell



can we just talk about how the little brother of the actor who played Zero in Holes looks exactly like Zero now




you ever notice a lot of stuff is considered poor and gross unless its upper middle class (white) people doing it

food trucks in the 90s were the realm of taco trucks and fairground food and were always considered unhygienic and nasty until all these rich city kids started opening food trucks and now they’re “trendy” and “innovative”

riding your bike to work is only considered geofriendly if you can also afford to drive a car but don’t want to, then you’re saving the earth, everyone else isn’t somehow??

recycling old cheap stuff to be used as furniture and wearing really old clothing is a sign of poverty unless you’re doing it a certain way or wearing a certain kind of old clothing

double standards are gross and you should expose them in your life as much as possible

Cultural appropriation. Gentrification. Everything the rich have is stolen. 

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this is how i pick up girls


me whenever i have a cold: i can’t remember the last time i could breathe out of my left nostril…it must have been 14 years ago when i was a child on the was simpler back then….. i remember the sound of the creek over by that big rock.. when papa came home from the town bearing fresh yeast for ma to make bread with, i breathed in the crisp fall air through both nostrils before heading into the kitchen, where i could smell all of our spices 

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The Doll Asylum is a hybrid Halloween decorating/haunted house in Portland Oregon. Dolls are the main theme as you can see above. 




warning signs a Strong Female character is only strong for the sake of the male gaze:

  • (does something badass) ahahaa yeah i have like eight brothers
  • aggressively into the mediocre self-insert white guy lead
  • "MAN UP"
  • "what are you, a girl?!" to her male co-workers
  • super competent but still not the main lead
  • the only woman in the group of all men
  • has a random changing scene/half nude scene/sex scene even though none of the male characters show that much skin
  • wears a form-fitting, impractical suit+high heels while the male characters get practical clothing
  • fights the ~sexy~ female villain sidekick while the male lead fights the actual big bad
  • has a scene where she is forced to act like a honeypot and walks down the stairs in a gorgeous/tight dress and the male lead is like “ahhhhh” 
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This is one of the best posts I’ve seen.

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let the #blackout begin

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“LET’S GO TO EARTH you said..

..IT’LL BE A BLAST you said..”

they were being sarcastic..

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Gomez knows how its fucking done.

Gomez gives out better relationship advice than like 90% of dudes.

Gomez Addams is a suave motherfucker who loves his wife more than his own life.

Everyone should want a Gomez. He’s p cool.

Gomez and Morticia Addams actually have a very loving and extremely healthy relationship, both in the old TV show and in the more recent movies. They were also one of the first television couples to be shown to have an active (albeit offscreen) sex life. Their frank attitude towards sexuality was shocking in its’ time, but their relationship and their family dynamic is actually more functional and more…dare I say it…sane than most families portrayed on TV.

The comedy in the show came from the family’s “odd” lifestyle, rather than from infighting and petty bickering, or worse, as was common on other shows of the time, thinly veiled references to spousal abuse. They didn’t make fun of each other or act like their children were creatures from another world. Were they strange and outside of social norms? Yes. Were they united in creating a loving home and being good, supportive parents? Absolutely.

These two support and adore their children, care for an aging mother and an estranged brother, put family before everything, and they love each other, wholly, fiercely, without reserve. They are every bit as much in love after at least a decade of marriage as they were the day they met.

Relationship goals. LIFE goals.

Just remembered in the second movie when their third child became “normal” for a period and although they were shocked and didn’t know how to handle it, they didn’t mistreat the child or love it any less. They accepted the difference, even though it was hard for them. 


Don’t even get me started on flowers. So much color. Silently keeping the planet alive. Decorating our little rock in extravagant ways.

Think about this.



I just got a ride home from the gym from a 40-ish year old five foot tall white woman that I’ve never talked to before tonight.

She offered as she saw me leaving. I live literally across the street. Maybe a 5-10 minute walk.

I asked her why she wanted to give me a ride and she said “Because with what’s going on out there I don’t think it’s safe for you to talk alone in the dark.”

I’m a black male in my late 20s who is six feet 8 inches tall and is roughly 400 lbs. I’m a literal giant.

And she feared for my safety because of what she’s seen on the news all week.

Think about that shit.

This is important.

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